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The Cost211 quat working group and the QIMERA projects focus on content extraction and image segmentation following closely the activities of the international forum TRECVID.

The MUVIS system was implemented within the framework of Cost211 quat. It is suitable for indexing large image databases and retrieval via search and query techniques based on semantic and visual features.

In the professional annotation module of the BUSMAN system, an advanced interface for automatic and manual image annotation has been developed. The automatic annotation functionality is mainly based on low-level descriptors. The BUSMAN system is being developed within the IST BUSMAN project, coordinated by the MMV-Lab at QMUL.

The IST Network of Excellence in Content-Based Semantic Scene Analysis and Information Retrieval, SCHEMA is linking research on related areas and complements the objectives of this action at European level.

MediaArchive, from Tecmath is a powerful archiving system allowing storage and retrieval of any Media files. This is an industrial application of the EU project EUROMEDIA. It is currently used by several major broadcasters across Europe.

Other relevant projects complementing this action include the work from the ISIS Group of University of Amsterdam on multimodal analysis of digital media; the affective study of video content in post-production programmes by Hanjalic and Xu.