NEUREL 2008 Special session


Prospective authors are invited to submit camera-ready papers in electronic form (PDF or MS Word format) describing original research and development work related to the symposium’s topics. Papers should be prepared in ISO A4 format, in two-columns with 5mm (0.2") space between columns and with 2.0cm (0.8") margins in all four sides. Text to be typed in Times New Roman or similar font style, 10 points or larger, according to the IEEE style (

The paper should include a short one-paragraph abstract briefly describing the subject and contribution and the list of up to five keywords. References should appear in a separate section at the end of the paper, with items referred to by numerals in square brackets.

The scope of papers is expected to follow the main objective of COST 292 Action, i.e. the research on semantic analysis, inference and conceptualisation for high-level annotation and retrieval of digital audiovisual content. However, it is not limited to the above objectives.

Deadline for paper submission is the 15th of July.
Please send your papers prepared for COST292 Special Session directly to