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December 17-18, 2007 - London, United Kingdom

Special Session: "Analysis for Media Adaptation and Personalization"

Chairmen: Prof. Hermann Hellwagner

Authors Title Session
Mark Hughes, Andrew Salway, Gareth Jones, Noel O'Connor Analyzing Image-Text Relations for Semantic Media Adaptation and Personalization A4
Qianni Zhang, Ebroul Izquierdo Context Inference in Region-based Image Retrieval A4
Phivos Mylonas, Evaggelos Spyrou, Yannis Avrithis High-Level Concept Detection based on Mid-level Semantic Information and Contextual Adaptation A4
Stevan Rudinac, Goran Zajic, Marija UĆĄcumlic, Maja Rudinac, Branimir Reljin Comparison of CBIR Systems with Different Number of Feature Vector Components A4
Yolanda Cobos, Maria Teresa Linaza, Ander Garcia, Isabel Torre Annotating Film Heritage content using MPEG-7 A4
Antonio Pinheiro Image Description using Scale-Space Edge Pixels Direction Histogram A4 .