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June 6 (Wed), 2007 - Santorini, Greece

Special Session: "Semantic-based Structuring, Retrieval and Representation of Visual Content"

Chairmen: T. Ebrahimi and M. Ansorge

Authors Title Session
Le Dong, Ebroul Izquierdo A Topology Preserving Approach for Image Classification Special Session 1
David Marimon, Touradj Ebrahimi Orientation histogram-based matching for Region Tracking Special Session 1
Serkan Kiranyaz, Miguel Ferreira and Moncef Gabbouj A Directional Texture Descriptor via 2D Walking Ant Histogram Special Session 1
Andreas Laika, Walter Stechele A Review of Different Object Recognition Methods for the Application in Driver Assistance Systems Special Session 1
Carlos Filipe Paulo, Paulo Lobato Correia Automatic Detection and Classification of Traffic Signs Special Session 2
Phivos Mylonas, Yannis Avrithis Using Multiple Domain Visual Context in Image Analysis Special Session 2
Roman Jarina, Jan Olajec Discriminative Feature Selection for Applause Sounds Detection Special Session 2
Stevan Rudinac, Marija Uscumlic, Maja Rudinac, Goran Zajic, Branimir Reljin Global Image Search vs. Regional Search in CBIR Systems Special Session 2
Sergio Benini, Pierangelo Migliorati, Riccardo Leonardi Hidden Markov Models for Video Skim Generation Analysis II (Oral Session)