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April 19 (Wed), 2006 - Incheon International Airport, Korea

Special Session: "Semantic-based Structuring, Retrieval and Representation of Visual Content"

Chairmen: Noel O'Connor and Janko Calic

Authors Title Session
S. Kiranyaz and M. Gabbouj An Interactive Query Implementation over High Precision Progressive Query Scheme Special Session 1
V. Radosavljević, N. Kojić, S. Čabarkapa, G. Zajić, I. Reljin and B. Reljin An Image Retrieval System with User’s Relevance Feedback Special Session 1
D. Djordjevic and E. Izquierdo Empirical Analysis of Descriptor Spaces and Metrics for Image Classification Special Session 1
B. Lehane and N. O’Connor Movie Indexing via Event Detection Special Session 1
J. Ćalić and N. Campbell Comic-like Layout of Video Summaries Special Session 1
S. Benini, A. Bianchetti, R. Leonardi and P. Migliorati Video shot clustering and summarization through dendrograms Oral 1